Holistic Energy Therapy

For an alternative and holistic approach 

The main tools are Neuro-Structural Integration• Chinese Medicine • Quantum medicine • ACE sports massage (connective tissue, deep tissue, swidish, call for motion) • well-being massage • Reprogramming and EFT


Specialities :
Deep anatomical massages 

Hormonal imbalances ▮

Structural problems ▮

Psychosomatic problems ▮

Mental blockages & self-esteem ▮

Emotioal Blocages associated with defensive mechanism ▮

Any emotional discomfort related to parts of the body ▮

Osteopathy child and adolecent - with Neuro-structural integration work ▮



Any emotional distress related to ailments :

The emotional distress on any ailments before the physical discomfort and after having difficulties are the root cause of body trying to cope with specific emotions.  We work on the emotions and trust the body to do the marvelous work it always does for recovery.   want to understand more?


The logic of the work is based on energy and removing emotional blockages; to restore the energetic communication system so that the body begins to function as it should. This method does not replace conventional medicine, , it restoring the “bad” habit of energetic disturbances to prevent worsening of problems and aids the natural function of the body to take over.








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