I was inteviewed in a street of Los Angeles for a project called "one less stranger".  The interviewer asks one stranger a day for a year these questions in Los Angeles.

No thinking time was given.
The question they asked me was :

1) Who are you?

2) What are you?

3) A message to yourself in 20 years?

What would you answer?



Junnon Sawamura-Mérigoux

NCBTMB 431421-00

Born in British Hong Kong to Japanese parents, I grew up and studied in the US.  The past 25 years, I have mainely lived in France and in Paris since 2011.


I began my therapy work with sports injury massage.  I have persistant back problems, and when I was in university danse company as a danse major, my back gave out and I had to quit dansing.  At the time I couldn't find good sports massage therapists around me or osteopaths who could help me.  It took me years to figure out my back issues, eventually creating different types of rehabilitation exercise for myself before I could find relief.   I then became a sports injury therapist in order to help dansers like myself prior to their injuries so that they could continue their craft.

The notion of « bodymind » as one word and the whole idea of "holism", was an intrinsic aspect of massage school. This holistic approach is continually re-encountered naturally in my study and practice.

I was quickly interested in nervous system work, then branched out to psychological and emotional work, and energy systems.  As I was confronted by more and more heavy pathologies with my clients, I was lead towards techniques inspired by oriental medicine.

I studied most of my bodymind studies in the US where alternative medicine techniques are researched and are taught widely.

Unlike France, alternative medicine in the US is a mainstream choice of therapy, and the public is informed of various techniques.  Although the expansion of such work here is slow, there are also remarkable techniques hidden in France.  I hope these techniques will soon see the light.


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"you need to know how much more you are!"