Testimonials (translated from French)


Testimonial -rare disease
"I was suffering from a genetic disease, called" Amylodosis "which broke out at the age of 19.  Without going into details, it is the mutation of proteins that can not be eliminated, which are then deposited on different organs (heart, larynx, ear canals ... in my case) and externally on the skin (face, underarms, hands, scalp, ...). There is currently no treatment.

After a very difficult summer of 2008, with anemia and thyroid disorders for which traditional medicine failed to find the cause and treatment , I decided to take my health in other directions and I called Junnon.  I met her for the first time in 2008, on Christmas Eve.  I simply hoped to stop the escalation of health problems that continued to accumulate.

After two sessions of one week apart, I went back home with a series of exercises to do every day.  I really wanted to get better so I did them seriously, although I sometimes wondered how such simple things could help improve health.  But, I made this choice and I was determined to carry through because I was a very active woman and I suffered a lot by not being able to "hold on", any longer "have the juice," instead, I was experiencing a feeling of constant fatigue.

Very quickly though, I was starting to feel more fit, I felt impelled by a kind of inner energy.  Late January, this is my hairdresser who pointed out that the "plates" that had accumulated on the scalp, neck and behind the ears were disappearing in places.  A few days later, the ENT doctor who had been following me for several years was surprised because he said, "That is curious, I feel that your deposits on your ear canals are much thinner than before".

The following week friends, (none of them is aware of the approach that I had undertaken) mentioned that I had "changed" but could not specify what exactly! Then there were my relatives who concluded that I have better complexion and thinner skin and my husband pointed out that the deposits that had accumulated on the hands and underarms were also disappearing.

I could not believed this happened to me because the only thing I hoped for was to slow down the progression of the disease.  I never thought that existing symptoms could disappear gradually.  Yet this is indeed what was happening ...

The specialist in this illness follows me in a CHU hospital, also confirms the improvement seen by others and said "actually, it seems that your body is trying to make antibodies to eliminate diseased cells.  Meanwhile, blood tests confirmed that anemia is beginning to diminish and your thyroid is normal." During the consultation, he took pictures of body parts and asks me to take pictures regularly and send them to him so he could measure changes.  He asked to see me again in six months.

It may sound unbelievable but yet it is true!

I saw Junnon for other sessions end in March 2009 and the improvement continues.  Now my heart which is stronger and the cardiologist just changed the settings of my pacemaker trigger that I had been wearing for two years because the heart muscle work more steadily and unaided.

Another way to take charge of your health is possible.  These exercises are proof of energy and I keep them very regularly, every morning at sunrise.


Because she took the enegy exercise seriously and did it assiduously, that her body replied with as much responsiveness.
She is one of the people I gave the most amount of exercise, which takes about 15 - 20 minutes per day.  Normally, I give 3 to 10 minuites exercises. Unfortunately, not everyone takes the exercises as seriously.  I appreciate people like Madeleine who actively and diligently undertake “self-care”.   It's no miracles, it's the result of taking great care of oneself.


Testimonial - urinary infection

"I had the chance to meet Junnon when she worked in Perpignan,  where I lived for several years.  I had repetitive urinary problems which led me to her office after multiple, expensive medical examinations were performed in hospitals and clinics without success. The encounter and the path with Junnon was one of the most rewarding experience of my life. Not only do I suffer from any urinary problems, but I also learned to understand my body and my mind such a  completely different way and learned actively participated in self-care.  This is a real person of great healing power and human quality, very pragmatic and very humble.  I would say that the main quality of her practice is that she transmits and shares her knowledge and ensures that one appropriates the tools.  I have in my possession a "small toolbox" that I can open and which I can use as soon as I ' feel the need.  I can only encourage you to meet her! "

Testimony - child structural / osteopathic problem

My 11 year old son fell on his back while skiing.  Subsequently, he complained of back pain.  After one session, he no longer had back pain.  Moreover, what was impressive was that we met on Saturday and by Monday, my son had found a wealth that he had not felt for a long time.  And he still maintains that energy today.  Junnon must have liberated something in him, I do not know ... But it is a significant change for him and for us as a family (...well, we must channel his over flowing energy now ... but it's better than to see him shut down).

Comment :
For child osteopathy, I often use a technique that resets the counter to 0 on the proprioceptors.  Compared to adults, because the child's body is constantly growing, treatment responsiveness is truly amazing!  Often I need only one session, and the energy rises.  For adults, using the same technique, the pain goes away with a few sessions but it takes several sessions to feel an energy boost.  For this boy, I also looked at his meridian and found the low energy on lung meridian.  I subsequently gave him and his parents exercises to strengthen his lung meridian and asked his parents to work on him.  The lung meridian contains grief, so once harmonized, even on a psychological level, one can feel free.

Testimony - adult acute back pain

My 6 years old son jumped on me one day  and I was folded in half with pain.  When I went to see Junnon the next day, in 5 minuites, I was pain free and could walk and stand normal as if what happened was a joke.  It is too strange to believe this kind of treatment is possible!  It's like a magic.



Comment :

There is nothing strange about eliminating an accute pain quickly. As quickl as it came, it can go away.  I really urge people to go see their osteopath or other preferred health practitioner right away when they get injured.  The quicker you go, the quicker the correction (usually).  PLEASE DO NOT WAIT.  If you bare the pain, it will only create another pain as your body compensate its posture.  Then you have to have several sessions instead of one or two.  Exceptions are in case of children; even if you wait a bit, the recovery time is much quicker than the adults.




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