American licensed multi disciplinary therapist, working with "bodymind" connection specifically.  The session is as I often say "Buy one get 3 Free".  Holistic work is taking an entire person in consideration.  You may come in mind to go back to healthy body, and we work on emotion, and you realize, you have completely different perspectives in life and finding yourself in more beautiful situations in many areas of life.  Yes we are changing your energy!  Or you may come for the burn-out or heart break, and realizing your long term heavy health problem is cleared.  that's the Bodymind magic!




Additional Information


Holistic approach enables me to treat situations from different sides, the human senses. 

Energetic and Chinese medicine approach helps balance bodymind and energy-body to help the body initiate auto correction.


Emotional and subconscious mind approach is often necessary to let go of emotional blockages and certain « thinking habit » that are not beneficial to bodymind.


The main tools are Neuro-structural Integration, Chinese medicine, quantum medicine, ACE, and modified EFT, and use several more approaches depending on the situations.

Therapist background:

My very first learning on bodymind was on sharmanic work. Following on from this I received the diploma on anatomy and physiology based sports injury massage and rehabilitation and holistic  therapy.  Soon, referred clients prompted me to gain understanding in neuro-structural work, and emotional work.  In the US., therapists license has to be renewed every 4 years and it requires continuing education and ethics test.


I may be professionally called a holistic therapist, but rather health coach, and even more, a detective (to find a cause emotional blockage) and a cheer leader for your health!

How is a session carried out?

It all depends! But in a nut shell, removing of emotional blockages are main work for any physical and mental problems.  When a person comes with physical pain, depending on the instance I may check and correct their energy system . For any physiological discomfort and symptoms, I always check the energy system, also for fatigue.  Initial check takes a 90 – 120min session.  The check and correction may take longer in certain instances or for more serious conditions.  The more I have the information on a person's energy and emotional condition, the easier it is to plan following sessions. We will work together,  I work 50% and the clients work 50%, we become a team, so that every person inevitably goes home with some kind of homework on emotional observation or corrective work on their energy, or muscles and tendons.


For a chronique issues (a long term problems, opposite of acute, recent onset of a problem) and "heavy" issues require long sessions, because different levels of emotional stress is entangled and it takes time to disentangle and unblock these emotional issues.  Clients also needs to find a good nutritionalists to help the body to regenerate as the emotional blockages let go one by one, and of course a compassionate doctor, too.



Some examples of a session:

children's anxiety emotional and energetic approach.  May need to work with parents' stress level and energy system also. It can take only 2 - 10 sessions.

acute back pain - very recent within the last 2 days .When it's acute pain, I would first try energy and emotional approach.  I often do not need to even touch the area of the pain.   The session can be done in 15 minutes or 2 sessions.  Acute injury can be corrected very quickly.  If you get pain, try not to wait too long.

chronic back pain from 6 months ago,or longer - I may go initially a deep massages but also work on emotional blockages, and give muscle exercise to correct the posture. 4 – 12 session.

baby blues energy and emotional check and correction.  In this case, usually the one thing that is wrong is clear.  We correct that energy system and whatever we find imbalanced.  2 – 5 sessions.

prostate – energy and emotional check and correction.  Earlier the stage is easier.  I haven't worked on the last stage prostate. 

female menstruation problems - Energy and emotional approach.  It can be done in as little as 3 session depending on the person.

tendonitis from repetitive movement - (ex: tattoo artist, or hair dresser) – special injury massage technique.

Rare disease Energetic and Emotional approach.  The name of the disease really isn't an issue, test and correct the disrupted energy system and see how much the body corrects itself.  I have seen incredible results.

· Children and adolescents - since they are growing and their cells are constantly building and demolished, they need very little sessions for many problems.  Mostly use neuro-stractural- integration tecnique.

· Fatigue/ Stress there is always a reason why a body carries stagnant energy.  Find out through energy and emotional approach.  Stress relating in changes in life is dealt in a similar way. Our energy system is overwhelmed when there are changes in life (change of job, moving, separation, birth and death in a family).

*There are more than 100 techniques, all work well, but one approach may work better for one person than another.  I may refer a client to other therapists or work with other therapists.

I also offer workshops on Energy for health to gain energetic tools for anyone who wants to understand energy from professional therapists, to school teachers or moms.   Courses for Massage based on anatomy and sports massage are reserved for professionals.



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